Two days of hiking into the fantastic mountains of Retezat

Accueil Retro Tours Two days of hiking into the fantastic mountains of Retezat

Two days in breath-taking mountains of Retezat

view over Bucura Lake

For those having a limited time to spend in Romania, taking this tour might be the perfect occasion to explore one of the most stunning regions in our country.

Part of the Southern Carpathians, Retezat Mountains is among Europe last remaining untouched strech of wilderness and provides unforgettable hiking experiences along its valleys, peacks and lakes. Visitors willing to take the "massive challenge" and join the tour, will realise at the way back that their efforts have been well rewarded.

What makes Retezat Mountains so special?

- Retezat has the highest number of mountain peaks over 2,000m in Romania (over 20);
- the mountain has over 80 glacial lakes;
- the highest peak in the Retezat Mountain - Peleaga (2,509 m);
- the deepest glacial lake in Romania is Zanoaga in Retezat (29 m);

The tour plans to start very early in the morning from Cluj-Napoca, so we can reach the bottom of the mountain around 11 o'clock. After a small snack will do the first hike of the day, about 1 ½ hours to Pietrele chalet. Soon after the lunch will head to Retezat mountain peak (2482m), a 7 hours medium hike through forest and along the ridge.

From the top, but only under good weather conditions, we'll have the chance to see a fantastic view over Pietrele valley and also over few of the glaciers. Soon after descending, we'll have dinner and be accommodated at be at Pietrele chalet.

The next early morning, just after breakfast, will head south to Peleaga highest peak of Retezat Mountains (2509 m). Get ready for a long day of hiking that can last between 8 to 10 hours. After leaving the forest and passing over 1900 m, our effort will be rewarded by a unique landscape.

The Peleaga peak, Pietrele and Bucura lakes, the view over Retezat, Bucura and Papusa peaks are only a few of the fantastic panorama views we'll get to see from the "roof" of Retezat mountains.

- the schedule is flexible according to the departure place, weather conditons and neverthless your own suggestions! This tour can be easily connected with any other day tours or package tours we provide;
- demands for the tourists - previous mountaineering experience, as both the weather and the path may result in a more difficult trip for a beginner;
- essential mountaineering equipment required: backpacks, raincoats and backpack cover, hats, good boots, head lamps, canned/dry food for the second day of the tour;

Tour information:
- duration - 2 days;
- validity - from spring to late autumn;
- minimum persons required - 2;


For a price quotation, please contact us directy at [email protected], mentioning the number of people interested to join the tour and the tour dates Thank you!

Prices includes:
- transfer and tour Cluj - Retezat region - back to Cluj, by car or minibus;
- English, German, or Hungarian speaking guide;

Prices excludes:
-accommodation and the meals during the tour (about 20 euros);
- personal expenses.