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Retro Hostel - the Bear's Cave - Felix thermal baths - one day tour

inside the Bear's cave

For those who want to see two of the most attractive tourist destinations in western Transylvania, experiencing the Apuseni Mountains on this trip is a must!

We will descend into the depths of the Bears Cave finding an extraordinary range of stalagmite and stalactite formations, coupled with traces of bears from many years ago. The cave was given its name as numerous "cave bears" (Ursus spelaeus) who lived 15.000 years ago were found here. The cave was undisturbed until September 17 1983, when it was discovered during quarry works. The marble and limestone of this area was mined by the inhabitants of the nearby village of Chiscãu, so the rediscovery of the cave after a blast, was only a matter of time. The first person to visit the cave was quarry worker Curta Traian from Chiscãu.

The one hour long visit will take you to the upper level of the cave where you can admire different sections of the site such as the Candles Gallery.

Soon after, we'll enjoy lunch together with a glass of "palinca" (a traditional home-made plum brandy) in Chiscau at the local ethnographical museum.

Felix thermal baths

On the way back we will relax for several hours in a thermal spa at Baile Felix, where the hot springs have been known since the Roman times. Baile Felix and "1 Mai" are two thermal spa resorts located in a hilly area with a beach and Oak tree woods, 8 km south of the municipality of Oradea. The resorts host many mineral springs with thermal waters (20-48°C), geothermal, radioactive, sulphur, and bicarbonated waters known since the beginning of the millennium.

Finally, on the way back to Cluj, if you all agree, we can choose to shop for handy-crafts in Izvorul Crisului village…

Don't forget your swimming costumes since we'll stop for a few hours bathing!

- duration - between 9 and 11 hours;
- validity - thoughout the year;
- minimum people required - 2.

- transfer and tour Cluj - The Bears Cave - Felix thermal baths - Cluj, by car or minibus;
- English, German, Italian or Hungarian speaking guides;
- snack and coffee, in the car;

- entrance tickets to the Bears Cave and Felix thermal baths;
- lunch in Chiscau village;
- personal expenses.


For a price quotation, please contact us directy at [email protected], mentioning the number of people interested to join the tour and the tour dates Thank you!

Note: Our tours are open to everyone interested, every day of the week. The rates are valid for our guests only!